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Fishermen’s House Salad



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Please choose one of the available sodas or juice, and also the type of salad dressing you would like, from the options above. All of our freshly prepared Salad Box Lunches include choice of dressing, choice of soda, plus bread roll, butter, homemade cookie, fresh sliced fruit, utensils and napkin.

The Fishermen’s House Salad is a delicious interpretation of this classic salad. Our ingredients are fresh, organic, and, when possible, locally sourced.

The Fishermen’s House Salad consists of mixed greens, English cucumber, tomato, sundried cherries, roasted sunflower seeds.

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Greek, Blue Chesse, Ranch, Balsamic Vinagrete, Thousand Island, Ceasar


Water, Coke, Diet Coke, Vanilla Coke, Pepsi, Blue Sky Creamy Root Beer, Blue Sky Cola, Zevia Cola, Zevia Root Beer, Martinellis gold medal 100% apple juice


Tim's Original, Tim's Salt + Vinegar, Tim's Jalapeno, Hawaiian Luau, Hawaiian Sweet Maui Onion

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